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I Luv Hop Hop Bunny 

Line 1 (For Beginners)

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12 Themed Boxes

The I Luv Chinese Box is designed to spark little one's interest in the Chinese language and culture, while developing their appreciation of science, arts and math.

Our themed-based boxes has a designed curriculum which includes crafts, game, reading booklet, worksheets, and flash cards to help your child enjoy learning Chinese!  I Luv Chinese wants to make learning Chinese a fun, joyful, and educational family time for your family.



Learn Chinese vocabularies and explore science, arts, and math with crafts.


Reading booklet

Practice reading with our reading booklet designed to help young readers remember basic Chinese characters.

Fun worksheets to help your little ones practice reading & writing Chinese. 



Enjoy family fun, develop social skills and consolidate learned vocabularies with I Luv Chinese games.


Flash Cards

Play memory games or take turns reading aloud new Chinese vocabularies with our cute mini flash cards.

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Subscribe to the I Luv Chinese Box


Delivered Monthly.
Choose your plan and the first box ships in 3 days. Cancel or pause the subscription anytime


Receive your I Luv Chinese box filled with fun materials to help you love Chinese.


Receive free online Mandarin lessons to supplement your box.

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