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About I Luv Chinese


I Luv Chinese is a founded by two teacher moms with a dream to make learning Chinese FUN and ACHIEVABLE for young children.  It is our vision that children would themselves WANT to learn Chinese and have the confidence that they CAN learn Chinese!  With this mindset, we believe our children will have a greater chance of succeeding in their lifetime journey of Chinese education.


I Luv Chinese provides a subscription box delivered to your door monthly focused on teaching toddlers and preschoolers 3-4 Chinese words.  To make learning fun, we especially designed crafts and games for children to help them familiarize the concepts of the words along with story booklets for them to practice reading Chinese and worksheet booklets.  We also have online resources including classes, lessons, craft/ game instructions and songs to help parents teach their kids at home.  


We hope you can come join us for our free Facebook live Mandarin Story time every Tuesday morning.  May our story time and our subscription box be wonderful memories for your child as they continue their Chinese learning journey.

ABOUT: Our Story


Who We Are


Christina Lin


Teacher • Mother of two
I love to teach and I love children! Before having my two boys, I’ve taught in Taiwan, China and California for over 10 years. I teach Chinese, I teach English and I teach FUN! As an American born Chinese who was sent to China for college, with families from Taiwan, I am fluent in English, Mandarin and Taiwanese. I love the amazing Chinese history and culture. I love American values and most of all I love Taiwanese food! It is my goal to make life easier for families dealing with this beautiful yet challenging language. It is also my goal to help children LOVE Chinese through I Luv Chinese.


Xiao Xiao Zheng


Teacher • MBA • Mother of two
Before I gave birth to my daughters, I enjoyed working overtime and dreamed of building a successful career. The birth of my girls completely changed my world. Seeing how much my girls needed me helped me understand there’s nothing more important than being their mother. I then decided to devote my whole hearted attention to raising my girls. In my effort to teach them, I realize my time with them is critical to their healthy development. With a dream to help mothers create quality learning time with their children, I decided to start I Luv Chinese. The I Luv Chinese subscription box is not just a box with contents for Chinese learning, it is also a box with materials designed to create joyful memories for you with your child.


Ken Chee

Founding Member

Techincal Advisor • Father of two

Ken worked at various Silicon Valley IT companies such as Saleforce, SAP and Symantec as well as small start-ups for over 10 years. Passionate about technology and child eduction.

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