I Luv Chinese Subscription Box (MONTHLY)

I Luv Chinese Subscription Box (MONTHLY)

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The I Luv Chinese MONTHLY subscription box will deliver to your door:


1 box featuring the specific theme of the month. 

Includes vocabularies, stories, crafts and games tied to the theme.


3 stories for reading

  • Designed to help children read Chinese by themselves 
  • 1st Chinese reading book for young kids
  • Systematic reading- stories reviewing past learned characters.

3 crafts

  • Designed to help children conceptualize the featured characters and theme
  • Hands on crafts to develop fine motor skills and hand eye coordination

2-3 games

  • Designed for kids to learn in play
  • Games designed to extend children's understanding of the featured characters and theme

1 worksheet booklet

  • Practice writing 3 new Chinese characters.

1 set of flashcards

  • 15 flashcards with Chinese phrases tied to the featured theme
  • Double sided color cards with cute cartoons to help child learn Mandarin phrases
  • Can be used as game for play

Video lessons

  • Mandarin Vocabulary Development

  • Mandarin Language Enrichment:

    • Arts & Crafts

    • Mandarin Educational Game Play

    • Reading Fun

    • Mandarin & Music

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       Monthly subscription $29.99/ month (Save $10)


       3 Months Subscription Promotion $24.99/month  (Save $45)


      6 Months Subscription Promotion $22.99/month (Save $102)


       1 Year Subscription Promotion $19.99/month (50% off savings)


       9 Months subscription promotion $21.99/month (for schools only)


    The Subscription box includes:

    1. Curriculum

    Learn how to write 3-4 Chinese characters through our fun storybook and worksheets.

    • 3 reading booklets
    • 1 worksheet booklet

    2. Creative & Textured Crafts

    Fine motor skill/Sensory art/Color learning/Exploring & Observing

    3. Fun & Educational Games

    Human Science/Storytelling/Pretend Play/Matching & Sorting/Counting

    4. Online Learning Resources

    Video Lesson/Storytime

    5. Available in both traditional and simplified Chinese


  • Subscription Cancellation Policy

    Cancel Anytime!

    There are two options for you to cancel your subscription:

    1. You may login to your account and cancel your subscription anytime.  
    2.Email us or send us a message via Facebook/ website 3 days before your next billing date and we will cancel your subscription for you.




    Free shipping in US.

  • Available in Traditional and Simplified Chinese

    Upon checkout you may request your preferred version.