The Palace Tour王宮之旅 Single Box Purchase

The Palace Tour王宮之旅 Single Box Purchase

Available in Traditional and Simplified Chinese


3 Stories for reading

  • Designed to help children read Chinese by themselves 
  • 1st Chinese reading book for young kids

4 crafts

  • Designed to help children conceptualize the featured Chinese words

2 games

  • Designed for kids to have fun while learning 
  • Games designed to extend children's understanding of the featured words

1 worksheet booklet

1 set of mini flashcards

  • 15 flashcards with Chinese phrases related to the featured words

Video Lessons


  • Mandarin Vocabulary Development
  • Mandarin Language Enrichment:
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Mandarin Educational Game Play
    • Reading Fun
    • Mandarin & Music
  • Review

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