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宫西达也 神奇店铺系列全3册 (精装)The Magical Store (Hardcover)

宫西达也 神奇店铺系列全3册 (精装)The Magical Store (Hardcover)

The Magical Store Series (3 Hardcover Books)

Simplified Chinese Version


This is definitely one of the favorite book series for my boys.  Your child will want to read the book over and over again in amazement and joy.


"The Magical Umbrella Store"

Little Pig visited a magical umbrella store.  When he opens the umbrella, different things would come out of the umbrella.  The bad wolf is coming, which umbrella should Little Pig open to save their lives?


"The Magical Candy Store "

Children will enjoy this fun book with great imaginations.  This candy store has all kinds of candies- red, white, green, yellow.  One candy can turn you into Hercules or make you invisible.  Little Pig is in the village of the Big Bad Wolf.  What would he do with his candy?


"The Magical Seed Store"

Have you seen magic seeds that can grow snowman, ballons, and donuts? Come check the magical seed store!













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